Scope of the school

This autumn school focuses on liquids in the vicinity of  interfaces. It aims at providing the audience with the main physical concepts that govern the properties of fluids close to surfaces. It will cover topics such as the specific structure and dynamics of liquids at interfaces, the relevant scales at which they have to be described, and the crucial role that they play in e.g. flows at the submicron/nanoscale, wetting, or surface forces. 

The school will be structured around the following six main lectures, that will be complemented by topical seminars. A poster session open to all participants will be organized.


Boundary, electro-osmotic and nanoconfined flows.

Lydéric  Bocquet  (LPS, ENS Paris, France)   &  Elisabeth Charlaix (LIPhy, Grenoble, France)

 Wetting, nanowetting, electrowetting.

Thierry Ondarçuhu (CEMES, Toulouse, France)  &  Frieder Mugele (TwenteUniversity, Netherland)

 Ion adsorption, charge regulation and electric double layer forces at solid-liquid interfaces.

Frieder Mugele (Twente University, Netherland)

 Experimental methods of investigation of liquids at interfaces.

Jean Daillant(Synchrotron Soleil, Gif-sur-Yvette, France)

 Thermal fluctuations of liquids interfaces and Casimir forces.

Sergio Ciliberto (Laboratoire de Physique ENS Lyon, France& David Dean (LOMA, Bordeaux, France)

 Behavior and properties of polymer films at interfaces and surfaces.

Elie Raphael (Gulliver, ESPCI, Paris, France)  & Günter Reiter (Albert-Ludwig-University of Freiburg, Germany)

 Invited Seminars:  Thomas Salez (Gulliver, ESPCI, Paris, France),  Benjamin Rotenberg (PHENIX , Paris, France), Rosario Capozza (SISSA, Trieste, Italy).



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